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Your Wildflowers Florist – Buy A Bouquet Online in Singapore

Wildflowers, as the name suggests, is a wild flowering plant that has not been genetically modified and typically refers to flowers that grow on their own without the need of any human intervention. These flowers flourish during spring and summer in the wild. There are many kinds of wildflowers in Singapore, and they range from lavenders, desmodiums, pennyworts, daisies, violets to other types of flowering grass. You can buy single stalks of wildflowers online or order a bouquet from our store in Singapore.

A Gift from the Wild

At Little Red Dot Florist, each wildflowers bouquet we prepare is creatively put together by our team of specialists in Singapore who have an eye for detail. What sets wildflowers bouquets apart is the way they are designed to look. Gearing away from the traditional bouquets of roses, sunflowers and carnations, the wildflowers bouquets in our store comes with a rustic visage, giving onlookers the impression that the flowers have been freshly picked from the garden. This accentuates the earthly aura of the bouquet, paying ode to Mother Nature’s beauty.

We also incorporate the traditional flowers into the wildflowers bouquets we create in Singapore, in ways that complement the shape, size and colours of wildflowers. As each bouquet is hand-made, the specialist at our florist ensures that the correct types of wildflowers from Singapore are chosen for the design and are arranged in the most captivating way possible.

Through our creation, we want you to feel like you are holding a garden in your palms.

You can also visit us at our store if you want to discuss a specific flower arrangement you wish for us to create – our creative specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

Buy a wildflowers bouquet in Singapore through our online store at the Little Red Dot Florist.

If you have any questions pertaining to our wildflowers bouquets in Singapore, you can contact us and one of our specialists will help you.