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Corporate Flowers in Singapore – Gifts and Floral Arrangements

Flowers not only spruce up the garden, but they also can add more character to your office! Our dedicated team of florists know what is required to create impactful floral arrangements for our corporate clients. The corporate flowers we provide in Singapore come in a variety and can be placed at any part of your office or building. If you want to beautify your reception desk, boardroom and pantry, or decorate internal or external event halls for company functions, Little Red Florist will be at your service. We also specialise in corporate gift flowers, especially for businesses in Singapore who want to present bouquets to their own stakeholders during festive occasions, events or simply to show appreciation – all at a price worth every petal.

Spruce Up Your Office

While we have a catalogue of corporate flowers we offer in Singapore, we also invite companies to come to us should they wish to customise the products. We take a keen interest in learning more about your brand and company culture when we discuss your desired floral arrangement. As we want our seasonal blooms to be the talking point of your company and among your business partners, we make sure that our florists cater to every aspect of your request.

If you want a quick method to beautify your office space, you can buy a bunch of flowers, which are capped at an affordable price in Singapore, put them into complementing vases and place them on counter desks and table tops at any part of your corporate office.

For corporate gift flowers, we can assist to include your branded logos to make the gifts more personalised before you present them to the intended receiver.

Purchase our corporate gift flowers at an affordable price in Singapore

Reach out to us if you have any queries regarding our corporate flowers in Singapore, the price or other matters pertaining to the customisation of gifts. We will be happy to serve you!